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As specialists in Aluminum Frame Repair London, we are happy to renovate
and repair many different types of aluminum frames and all aluminum
surface types.
Aluminum framed windows and doors often have a much longer lifespan
than wooden frames, but due to their moving parts and components there
will eventually come a time when they need replacing. Don’t panic, you
may not necessarily need to replace your windows and doors, thanks to
our aluminum repair service.
As one of the UAE’s well-established restoration companies, we are able to
offer our customers a comprehensive aluminum frame repair service that
could save you hassle and money.
Whether these are vertical, sliding or have an entirely unique mechanism,
we are capable of repairing aluminum frames of all types. One of our experienced
technicians can be dispatched to your property/project sites to
assess the work that needs to be completed and then we will gladly carry
out the necessary repairs efficiently at your convenience.
Most of the time aluminum frame repairs are a perfectly viable solution
due to the durability of the material. There is no logic in replacing a
window or a door if a minor flaw can easily be repaired.

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Aluminium Frame Repair London

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